I think I may, I think I might…


I’ve been hatching this plan of a project for a while and I think I might have just finished it!

I’m getting a couple of people to proof read it. Also very tempted to get Mr. Messenger from oztypewriter.blogspot.com to read through it and get his thoughts about it. Hmmmm.

I’m just the tiniest bit torn if I should sell it, or give it out freely.

Given that my blog isn’t read by very many and it’s not Googleable (yes I’m using that word) I have this feeling to give freely.
The other way is to sell it on Etsy. Or by who ever contacts me?
That little bit of cash is always appreciated…
Whoever rehomes my two Adlers (a Tippa and a 250) will definately get a copy.

I have to put this down meanwhile to do a couple of other projects I’m needing to finish soon.
And to type more letters to people I said I would mail to.

Yes yes, tsk tsk me.


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