The Valentine Brothers


Yes, I was very happy to receive my very first typed letter and I couldn’t be happier! :D She’s a lovely friend who sent me little notepads and ribbons for my typewriters! :D MEGA THANK YOU DEARRR :D

I thought I’ll just compare the two Valentine’s I’ve got.
Yes, I do have two now. The one on the left is a Valentine S, and the right being the Valentine.
I started to panic very very slightly when I saw the tag on the back say Valentine S, because I’ve never heard of the “S” bit and here I was thinking it was a china made copy of some sort. But after some quick Google-ing I found that there was such thing as an authentic Valentine S.
I got the Valentine S on eBay on a very surprise win. It wasn’t even listed as a “Valentine”. Just an “Olivetti typewriter”. I bidded on it and thought I had no chance of winning but I did!

It was so weird.

So the Valentine was designed by this guy called Ettore Sottsass and you can find the history of the Valentine here and there online.
I thought I’d share two links that I personally love, and a must have for every typewriter:
1: If the Valentine was a laptop.
2. typewriters, valentines, and very grumpy old man from oz.typewriter
3. can never go wrong if you have a manual. Thanks Adam Richardson!


left Valentine S, right Valentine.

1. First difference you see is the ribbon covers. I do personally prefer the bigger ones.
2. the right does have a more functional keyboard… I think I’d use * more then (english pound sign) more anyday.
3. I’m a big fan of the tab key nowadays, so that’s a great bonus for Valentine.
4. My OCD is greatly appeased with Valentine S because the backspace arrow is actually point backwards. Haha!
5. Valentine S is a duller red – like a mature cherry red. Whereas Valentine has the “I’m ready to rock and rollllll” red.


You probably can’t really see it but:
6. Valentine S doesn’t have a platen roller release button on the roller knob. :( Nothing major, but I thought it was a really cool thing to have. So +1 to Valentine!
7. The chrome on Valentine is SO MUCH SHINIER. Ooooooo shinyyyyyy.


You STILL probably can’t really see it but:
8. They have their corresponding names on the back where the handle is.
9. The bucket cases aren’t in the picture because I haven’t had a chance to fix up Valentine S’s one – it’s got heaps of grease on it and I’m hoping that the gunk in it will fall off when I clean it in the morning. Urghhhhh gross.



P.S. After reading that, I decided that I’ll sell the Valentine first – it’s very clean and he’s been professionally serviced. I’m a bit reluctant to sell a dirty Valentine S. Hahaha :)
I’ll probably sell the Valentine S someday. We’ll just have to see.

P.S.S Word press just congratulated me for my 10th post! Haha!

Goodnight everyone! :)


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