Group HUG!

(From the top, left to right:
Valentine S, Valentine, Contessa deluxe,
Brother 200, Adler Tippa, Hermes Baby,
Olympia SF, Remington Personal-Riter, Lettera 32,
Adler 250, Contessa deluxe, Contessa deluxe)

Just a quick picture of my typewriters.

Eek! I’ve got 12! AND I just bought another three urghhh!!!
So that makes it 15! :(
But I’ve just rehomed two typewriters – the green Hermes Baby and Valentine to a dear friend!
Hopefully I’ll have the Etsy shop up soon, and rehome the rest!
If there’s one you’re interested about drop me an email! ;)


It’s a pretty good day today – I’ve got a little friend who’s going to use one of my typewriters to writer her entry some competition run by the Library here. I’m pretty excited to read what she’s writing about and how the story will look like typewritten by a 9 year old! :D
Other then that I’m getting down to business in trying to specialise my general manual for a Remington Envoy III that went to a friend of ours. And I’ve got to do some t-shirt designs, get going with lunch… and actually sleep.

Last night was the most bizarre night ever.
I was tired, but not enough to sleep. I ended up staying up all night just lying in bed or playing Bejeweled Butterflies for 6 hours straight. Hubby’s alarm rang at 6:30 and I was awake for that – and even got him to wake up. Poor darling was coughing and spluttering all night. It was only after he’d left home I caught something like 5 winks (an hour’s worth of sleep) and I was up.
I’ve been up since then and been taking photos of all the typewriters and editing them, and cleaning out that greasy Valentine S case outside.

Hopefully it’ll be all good tonight.
But for now I’ve gotta run and get going on real work.

The Gang.
P. S. there was a nagging feeling that someone was missing in the picture; then I figured it was Mr. Red Torpedo Awesome



    1. It’s never too late to say so! ;)
      I’ve sold most of the pieces and I think it’s time for an updated group shot… After all the new pieces come rockin’ in that is.


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