Valentine Manual

Okay, so I’ve spent the whole day bludging and being in minor pain.
I just wasted the morning by waking up at 11am (which was kind of nice because I had almost zero sleep the night before), watched tv and browsed various websites till about 4, went back to bed for a lie down at 5 with a headache building up, then got up at 6.

Now, so then I spend the whole night being totally active and with less pain!
After 6 I made dinner – a very weird dry pasta that I made up a while ago and my hubby loves it. I thought it couldn’t get drier then when I last made it but it so did.
It was still yummy anyways, my MIL (mother in law) really liked it.
It’s mushroom and leek and shredded chicken pasta garnished with bacon. Yes, bacon just tops it always.

Then I spend the rest of the night trying to digitalise a Valentine manual. Okay after posting the last link up I realised it was for a Valentine S and not the Valentine!

The main difference in the Valentine manual is that there’s a tabular function which is pretty handy.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a copy online so I made the effort to scan and put them all on one big picture for everyone. Even doing that was hilarious. I took ages to scan it!!!
I had to rescan everything twice because the first lot was cut of here and there. Then editing on photoshop took awhile. It ended up being a really big file – and so it took aaaaaages to upload on anywhere! Then I got tired of waiting then cancelled and made up a 50% smaller image file and uploaded it only to find that it was to small.
Seriously? :(
Ok, so I re-reuploaded the original file size and all that only ended at 10minutes to 12midnight.

Now I’ve spent the rest of the “night” typing this out. Haha!
(I just updated it just then – I finally figured out how to PDF it! WOO!)
So here it is, finally:
Valentine Manual (picture) and Valentine Manual (PDF on a auto download function)
And here’s the Valentine S Manual (PDF)

So much for an early night.
Good night everyone!


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