Contessa Dilemma

Well I’m here snuggled up in my bed trying to wind down for the day.
Yeah I know its 1 in the morning already, but I had a pretty big nap like a baby this afternoon and woke up at 6pm.
Fantastic right?

And for those who haven’t seen my post on Facebook, I think it was one of the nastiest dreams I’ve had so far.

It was basically a plauge/post apocalyptic dream and everyone was dying (or already dead) and my hubby, our older child (what?! According to my dream, we had a younger child safe somewhere else.) and I were queuing for the last donuts of our lives at a bakery.

Seemed like a doughnut was on everyone’s bucket menu.

The plague was very nasty looking and I think the scary bit was everyone I knew was dead all around me.

Then just before I could eat this massive awesome fresh strawberry and berries doughnut, I died.

And woke up crying like an idiot.
Sooooo scary and sad! I was so out of it and feeling very off at the same time, my brain just couldn’t handle it.


Well, today I got around cleaning my baby Contessa deluxe Grey. She’s going to a friend who bought a Remington Envoy III off me before and just could not resist my baby’s cursive beauty. Her daddy bought the typewriter for her which I think was so sweet.
Everyone now: Awwwwww.

So in the midst of cleaning I must have undone something in the carriage. It started rattling like a baby rattle in a washing machine when I pulled the space line lever. ARGH! I had just fixed the troubled margin release key just the other night and at that moment I thought I had busted the carriage. Sigh!
I haven’t had much luck with carriages. (look at Fluka!)

Thank goodness I had my other Contessa to compare and spot the problem with.

K and I took an hour to spot and fix her up. It was hilarious because we did it tag team style and with a little head light and for the whole hour we were on our bellies peering into the side of the carriage. My FIL must have wondered why we didn’t do it up on the table. Hurr hurrr duuuuh. Silly us.

Our proud fix! *beams*

On that note:
I was meaning to post up a new page for my typewriters that I’m selling today but other more important work overrode it. If you want to save some monies buy it now/reserve it from me soon!
I’m going to be putting up my Etsy shop soon and prices are definately going to be up to cover costs of being on Etsy.

Okay, time to find my way back to dreamland.
Hopefully the plague’s gone.
Mmmm I could use a Portuguese egg tart right now though.
*sad hungry face*



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