For S.A.L.E

So I’ve finally done it!
The page is up:

I’m going to give it a few days and if none of my friends buy them I’m going to put them up on Etsy.

On a totally random note:
I had a Portuguese egg tart today for breakfast <;3
I've been hunkering for one for ageeeees and I was surprised to find it in the supermarket in town. Looks like I'll be getting my expensive egg tarts from Woolworths until I get going in trying to bake some myself. There's a whole lot of stuff I want to make: panna cotta, cheesecake, Portuguese egg tarts and muffins of somesort.


And I sent some letters too! Hopefully they’ll get to the lucky ducks of my friends soon! :)
I’ve got a back log of about 12 letters to do tonight,
I better get cracking.

This week should be good, my eBay buys are coming in :D
Hope you had a wonderful day, ;)


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