Save a piece of history from massive tweezers!

Today some one posted this up on a Facebook page that I follow for fellow typewriter enthusiasts:

If you have a slice of glass topped typewriter history – keep it.
Or sell it to me. I’d gladly take it from you if I can afford it.
Or even better, give it to me. You’ll know I’ll clean it and look after it like my baby.


I’ve seen some glass keys used for “rings” and man, I really really want to knock some sense into the seller.
The seller had stuck them to flat, low quality metal kid rings – those size changing ones. I can’t help but feel sad for the Remington that got stripped of her beauty.

You can’t see it, but I’m screaming internally like Abed does at those rings and people that key-chop.

I know it’s a real pretty thing to have glass topped keys for art/jewelry, but imagine cutting them like cutting your own fingers and toes off.


There’s been heaps of other options for glass topped keys like scrapbooking buttons and wooden ones.
Click on the images below to the eBay/Etsy links to typewriter awesomeness.

cute little stickers that looks soo good. Love the words in it too. and VERY cheap, something like $2USD.

I MEGA LOVE THIS. (I’m tempted to buy some myself.)

This is a really cool idea, it’s the bottle cap version of the typewriter keys.

For those who really really want a typewriter key ring, this is so much prettier then the one I posted above, and it’s customisable too!


If you’re really needing to use some typewriter keys for something, please please please reconsider what you’re doing and if you really must, chop them off from a machine that’s deemed impossible to restore.

Sorry for the sudden outburst, but I really can’t help myself.

To the machines that’s key-less, I’m sorry we couldn’t save you, but we’re trying to change that for other machines like you.

End of the day:
Save it from the scary dentist people of typewriters with that massive plier chopper thing.


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