Abused brusies

Okay, so I’ve had this Olivetti Lettera 32 from my aunty since she left for Australia.
Funny enough I myself moved over to Australia and silly me brought the hunk of broken over here.

I’ve been wanting to do it for ages but always chickened out – to take the Lettera 32 apart and then put it back together again.

I watched a video last night of this guy cleaning and oiling a machine (it was a six hour job that he shortened into a 6 min video) and I was HYPED to finally do it.

One hour into disassembling it, I got very frustrated. I couldn’t get the platen out on the left side. I had already unlocked the right side and done a couple other things.

Because it was such an old machine, it was so rusty and I basically had to soak each nut I was going to unscrew for along while.

You cant really see it, but it’s heaps rusty and lost all it’s inner shine.


So I’m trying to get this silly silly nut so stuck into the machine and used so much force to try to undo it that it slipped and clipped my left forefinger.


It doesn’t look so bad now, but it feels all swollen and like a raisin that’s been soaking in rum – you could basically take a grape and stick it to my finger.

So I’ve given up.
It’s just sitting there. I’m probably going to chuck it away…


To make matters more painful, my legs are dead from squatting and standing from paintball and I have the most strategic bruises ever.
Strategic meaning it absolutely hinders the way I walk or sit.
I have a massive bruise on my left shoulder, my left knee and worse of all, my my butt cheek.
Yes, seriously.

Check it out:



I can’t even sit down without feeling pain shooting my brain.
Imagine trying to go to the toilet.

My MIL thought it was so funny she laughed till she cried.

Sooooo. Trying to fix this typewriter on my sore bottom on the floor and trying to get a comfortable spot… Then clipping my finger, I think I have enough pain tolerance for a shower and brushing my teeth then crashing into bed like a race car smashing a wall.

But I have to finish watching Fann Wong in Shanghai Knights on telly.
It’s hilarious.

P.S. I just realised how much more impressive my bruises got today.






  1. Love your writing and this post BUT I feel your pain….kind of been there done that in a similar sort of way…..netball fractures, horse riding, bike accident….not pretty. At least you know you’re ALIVE !!!


    1. Dearest Jax, thank you so much! I was just thinking why hasnt anyone commented anything yet… Then I thought about my next post that it should be called “Me, myself and I”
      Haha, must be the pain talking.
      Urghhhh *shudders* I so DO NOT fancy fractures. Meh.
      Haha!!! Alive enough for the next bit of pain in my life! Hurr hurrrr


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