Lost cause


Okay, I just got too lazy and annoyed to type, which is a first for me. Sigh!

I’m exhausted.
And disappointed.
And lazy.

The whole combination is leaving me on my couch lazing and drifting to a nap, but I’m typing this and watching the Yankees beat the Braves on telly. (it’s baseball, they’ve just won 3-0)

In my “anger” with failing in even opening the platen from the L32, I went into my “addiction mode”.
I spammed so many typing blogs and obsessively read everything that they’ve typed ever on their blog.
I’m typing from my phone now, but I’ll get the blog links up later.

Then I took out the Royalite today to type the typecast and I just got so annoyed. It was cutting into the paper and it wasn’t typing smoothly for my cranky self. It does need a platen change for sure, it’s rock hard.
I have a friend who’s interested in it, and hopefully she’s close to a professional repairman…
Other then that I am slightly crummy that the seller who sold it to me and from a typewriter collector to another, you would think she would know that the typewriter had something wrong, and that it’s “crisp action” was really a rock hard platen.
On top of that, the ribbon is absolutely shredded, and the space bar is hormonal.
I fixed the space bar problem, but it’s still weird.

Check out the ribbon that was in the Royalite man!

I think I just need a breather today.
Sleep is creeping up in me and I think I will succumb.
Oh wait. Netball hmmmmmm.
ANZ Netball, Mystics vs Steel.


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