Sporadic Migration

“Okay, I just realised I’m so sporadic at how I do things.
This is how I roll the moment I got up today.

Just before 9am: I wake up.
9am to now(12:30pm):
– I put a lot of towels into the washing machine and put that to go. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but I keep forgetting. Poor hubby has no gym towels.
– I turn on the Telly and baseball’s on.
– I turn the laptop and get going on a few Elims I’m typing. I have about 150 to go before Friday.
– I get slightly fed up I’m not in the mode to type so I surf Facebook and other random sites.
– I get a cup of juice and have my horse pill. I consider what to have for breakfast.
– I get naughty and have a couple pieces of chips. (I feel bad now, so I might have an apple.)
– I get back to typing, well, sort of.
– I feel peckish, so I make a cuppa and enjoy it while trying to type more.
– The washing’s done but I’m too engrossed in the game. (yes it’s been on the whole time.)
– Then I get an idea for a typecast and I quickly scribble it down.
– Meanwhile I’m feeling a bit clogged in the pores and I put a nose mask on to get the blackheads out.
– The game ends (Yankees loses to the braves by one run) and I get going to the machine and open it up, realizing that there’s no space to hang the towels because of the last load.
– So I go to the toilet to take the nose mask off and scrub my face and do the girly thing and use a toner and moisturizer.
– Only then I get down to folding.
– Fold fold fold.
– Then I come up with this ridiculous realization of what on earth I’m doing and think its a ridiculous laugh, I stop folding and sit on the couch and type this ridiculous thing up.

The clothes are half folded, two towels are hung, the laptop and tv is on, everything is everywhere and I still have to (in order of importance):
0. Lunch.
1. Type them Elims
2, 3, 4. Change the bedsheets and wash them. Then break out the quilt.
5. Write/type overdue letters
6. Carve a stamp
7. Iron hubby’s stuff.
8. Design various things for various people.
9. And what may have yous in my to do list that I’ve forgotten but I will remember at a random time.”


Okay, so since I typed that to now (2:20pm) I have:
1. Hung all the laundry
2. Chatted to my hubby
3. thought on more sporadic things.
4. Read an article.
5. googled some images.
6. Watched a weird Twilight spoof (hahahaha, it’s pretty good but somehow it’s making me gag. It’s pretty accurate.)
7. Watched A MEGA CUTE KID opening a letter I sent :D and other videos there was.
8. The internets froze up for the longest time.
9. Cleaned the vanity in our bathroom.
10. Got lunch out ready for nuking.
11. Restarted the modem and my laptop.
12. Restarted again because the internets is just not working at all.
13. Nuked lunch. And ate it all.
14. Waited 20minutes for the internet to work again.
15. Typed all this.

I would be a terrible homing pigeon.

Much love from a slightly deranged housewife who might just be a penguin.



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