I think I’m going slightly crazy.

Today was good!
I got up and went straight to doing what I was meaning to do, and didn’t eat as much junk.

I’ve been typing out songs out of this book for the longest time and I finally, finally, finished it.

I didn’t have as much to do (someone else did the bulk of the job), but somehow my brain and my fingers just dont work well before 8pm.
And yes, I did punch the air a few times and might have done a celebratory wiggle.

But I think being stuck to my laptop that long has made me slightly crazy.

Today I looked at the typewriters up on the cupboard and shocked myself senseless.

I heard them.
It was just a whisper, but it resonated so loud and clear.

The Valentines were whispering “Mommyyyyyy….. where’s my mommmyyyy? Mommyyyyyy…..”

And I couldn’t help but image them like this (one of the V’s “mum” is a huge fan):

And the Hermes Baby, Royalite and various others were in a mad quiet frenzy of: “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”
(embed non existant video of Ikki and her “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” in the first episode of Avatar: Legend of Korra. You should all be watching it!)

I’m just glad now I’ve got *a tiny bit* of time to type over due letters.




  1. Well, I just made the mistake of watching the freaky gas mask child chanting “Mommy… Mommyyyyy…” mere minutes before going to sleep. I have no doubt this will come back to torment me at 3AM. Probably right in the middle of the zombie survival dreams I’ve been having lately.


      1. Well, no gas mask children dreams last night. I’m equally disappointed and relieved. And I haven’t seen much Doctor Who – just the first few episodes of the first season, but I remember thinking it was pretty interesting!

      2. Awww. :p
        Doctor Who is really awesome!
        My husband decided that I have to be infected with the Doctor Who thingamajig… During our honeymoon.
        We finished three seasons that three weeks or something. :/

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