First stamp cast

Well other than typewriters, I do love making stamps. They are so complimentary to letter writing.

Yesterday I had a field day.
I made a few stamps (mega loving them all):


Then I made Hainanese chicken rice.

Then managed four aerogrames (finally) and sent them off today.
Other than that, my weekend was burnt doing stuff.

What stuff you ask?
I can’t remember for nuts.

I hope your weekend was more remember-able then mine. Heh.



  1. I think we’re bizarrely on the save wavelength at the moment. You know those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters? I found a rubber stamp of that at a local craft store over the weekend and liked it so much that I picked it up, along with a red ink pad. It’s my very first stamp purchase… ever. Seemed like a fun thing to stamp at the end of all my letters.


    1. Ah hahahaa! Fantastic!
      I’ve been wanting to make one of those (a edited typewriter related thing though) for ages. Perhaps today is the day. ;)
      Stamps are just awesome, and they’re fantastic for envelopes too ;)


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