Wish List

I realised I haven’t got myself a wish list.
I should do something about it.

I can’t really think of any (three) right now – I’m quite happy with my collection, and I’m even wanting to cut down what I have… I’m to the point I really just want to have what I need to type, the rest is going up to my Etsy. I still do want to refurbish a couple, but I just haven’t had the motivation for it just yet.

I think it’s because my Baby is *still* lost in the mail. SIGH.

(Disney movies yesterday still lingering in my head)


I do want to add a noiseless glass keyed model to my collection, maybe a Smith Corona Silent?


Well right now I really really want this:
Alligator Red 1920’s Royal Portable.

I’m loving the fonts the most. All my design career I’ve always fallen back to the Century Gothic all this time, and now there’s a typewriter with a more awesome version of it?
I gotta have it.

Everyone in they typosphere seems to have the same super awesome taste, so my chances of finding this is really slim.
I’ve never seen a red Royal on eBay Aust, and the chances of the Vogue font in Australia is like finding polar bears in Darwin.

But, I might be wrong.
I hope I’m really really really wrong about that fact.



    1. Well, I didn’t think there were going to be any in Darwin given the humidity and the heat here. But I’ve been proven wrong!
      A relatively rare Bluebird turned up at my doorstep awhile back (I posted about it recently) but I had to turn it down. It had cockroach eggs and spiders and I-don’t-want-to-think-of-its in it. Blergh!

      I’ve been to the dump the last few weeks and the guys there reckon they get one ever so often. So looks like the dump’s my new hunting ground. ;)
      Other than that – eBay has random machines all the time.
      I’m glad it was you that won that white Hermes! I was thinking of getting it…


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