Rude awakening

Sleep inevitably will be riddled by nightmares. It may sound silly, but I guess everyone has it.
Even if it’s just a 2 hour nap.

I’m not a happy camper when I get up, especially when it’s from a deep sleep or nightmares. Soooo, here goes.

I can’t quite remember the nightmare I had (thank goodness), but the scary thing was when I woke up from my nap yesterday.

I open my eyes, and I couldn’t feel my hands.

They were like lead, and I couldn’t feel much of my hands and I spent 15minutes in devastation just trying to work my hands. They could move, but I couldn’t feel them, and I had trouble closing them much less able to squeeze them.

Horror horror shock shock.
I was getting more and more convinced that I had some sort of brain malfunction or an auto immune disease and it was going to be permanent. Too much Grey’s Anatomy.

I got my hubs to fill the sink full of warm water which was nice, but I still couldn’t squeeze them shut.
Somehow we (hubs and I) got ready to head out and it was only after dinner I was able to squeeze hub’s hand tight.

That’s just the most traumatizing way to wake up.
The combination just killed my mind…

Maybe that’s why I’m up so early. Ugh.


So I broke my cold turkey yesterday.
I bought a typewriter.
I have a whooping 37 on my watch list, and there’s about 6 I want to get, and about 3 or 4 that I REALLY want for myself. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh and I finally got cracking to type and seal up three letters. I have heaps to go, but it’s a good start.
Look out for the postman my friends!
Tried using a peony coloured stamp for my peony sketch stamp.

I’m not quite sure why I’m up this early today. Hmmmmm.
Hope the sleep has been kind to you, and I leave you a bit of awesomeness from the dump. I think I really like it there. :)

Welcome grin!

I really wanted the detour sign. I would have put it on my front door or the toilet.


A poor pet rat was given away at the dump, poor fella! He was pretty cute, look at that face!



  1. For a while now, all of my nightmares have been zombie apocalypse dreams. I blame all the movies, books, and games that have been pushing the subject for the past couple years. It’s always the same thing: I’m trapped in a skyscraper/school/mall with a couple of my friends, we’re surrounded by zombies, and we have to escape. Sometimes we succeed, while other times I get caught in a closet with the horde closing in on me right before I wake up. Ugh. Thankfully, I don’t have nightmares all that often.


    1. Hahaa, but that’s pretty cool too! You could make a whole tv series outta it from the sounds of it. Maybe that’s how the producer of Walking Dead came around with Day Walkers.
      Must have been day dreaming lot’s that fella.

      Oh man, I just remembered this dream (I suppose it’s a nightmare) I had a week ago – I was stuck in a house with radioactive paint on the walls and I couldn’t get out.


      1. Radioactive walls! That would make for a good horror film. A bunch of obnoxious teenagers trapped in a building with radioactive walls and they have 90 minutes to get out until they’re fatally irradiated. In other words, every horror movie made in the last 10 years, except with radioactive walls.

  2. I thought I wrote a reply to your comment last but obviously it didn’t make it through. Must have disappated in with the radioactive walls present.

    Where’s the like button for your comment?


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