Good things come to those who will wait

Well I promised myself that I’d do a typecast, but it’s gotten a bit too late for it. So I’m doing a quick post! I’ll typecast the next one ;)

Great things happened today!

1. I made a great purchase on eBay! My fingers were trembling for so long, I hope it arrives safe and sound. I nearly missed bidding on it cause I was so fixated with the clock counting down.

2. I made a new friend from Brisbane, USA and Singapore. I’m enjoying all the typewriter conversations we’re having :)

3. Jobs got done! I’m finally ticking things off my to do list as a freelance designer.

4. Hubs came home with a brilliant smile on his face and told me I’ve got a real job! Although its only for a month, it’s going to pave my way into getting a permanent job in the same establishment as hubs. ;)
It’s a real blessing – I’ve been looking (well not really but I’ve made some effort) for a job for about 4 months now. My in laws heard the news and said “really?” so many times I was beginning to wonder if I really appeared like a bum to them, haha!

5. Peace has veiled my worrying heart. I’ve been fretting over an issue for awhile now, and it’s come to a point that I’ve realised can only do so much, and now all I can do is wait for the scab to fall off and not pick at it and bleed everywhere.
It’s a messy thing.

I’m so sorry if it’s all mumbo jumbo sounding, but I thought I’d better type it all down before I forget why I was happy in the first place.
I’m making stamps tomorrow, it should be fun! :)

Hopefully I’ll see this gorgeous flower bloom next week!



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