I actually wrote more, but it’s really mumbo jumbled. Just a short post today:
Fluka’s been sitting on my table with a cloth over it for the longest time. She’s the only typewriter I have that doesn’t have a case…. I’ve had thoughts of rehoming her, but I don’t think I will for now. :)

Work must have taken it right outta me.
I haven’t been sleeping the last few days since I’ve been working, and yesterday I was feeling really off. My throat was terrible and my head couldn’t shake the dullness at all.

I’ve been in bed from something like 11pm and just got up just after 4pm today. It wasn’t like one big sleep – it was more like a sleep, and three/four really deep naps. I’m feeling pretty awake and unzombified – more wake then I’ve been the last three days!
Work’s pretty awesome – I got to clean up and reorganize a whole stationary room. I wish there was a permananet job like that. Hee hee!

I’ve gotta apologise to my friends that I’ve replied in between my four or more sleeps if I didn’t make sense or sounded off. I think I’ll need to check what I’ve written. :/

Hope you have had a unzombified day! :)



    1. Hullo Ton! Thank you so much for the welcome, and compliment to Fluka. :)

      I’ve got to find better things to typecast soon, most of the time I’m typing like a zombie head bashing the keys…


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