Horde the horders together.

A Horde of Blogspot bloggers:
Well I have half a mind to switch over to blogger.
Posting any comments on other people’s blogspot blogs is really annoying – I have to check ‘yes’ and continue on to the next 5 pages before my comment is submitted. I’m slightly unhappy that all the links and stats are at the footer, and I haven’t found another template that is clean cut like the one this blog presently has.

I was at work reading up blogs (like a naughty Admin Support should absolutely NOT do on a massive screen):
(Thanks Ton for commenting on my blog! :))
(it’s all the pretty cool Andy Warhol’s sort of colours. My brain is experiencing Inception – PAINTTTT, PAINTTT A TYPEWRITER (In my best, zombie voice)) and
Typosphere blog
(the amazing Richard Polt, Grand Master/President of the typospherians.)

The Rules of Hording
Read this first:
idreamlo-tech manifesto
Which stemmed off from here:
Collecting rules
It’s just a set of rules for typewriter “hording”, hee hee. I’m probably plunging a bit late into the topic, but I thought I should start some up anyway.
Here’s my conflicting first draft:

Horde of mighty good lookin’ machines there!
I’ve been wanting to share pictures of nice machines that were on eBay and Etsy.
If only I were a millionaire – I’d love to have a mini museum. I won’t do the photo share today, maybe next time.

But I do have to share this:
The other morning ended in a bang for a Canadian seller who had the most GORGEOUS machines I’ve ever seen. I would have loved to have that green Royal, but $500+ is just way beyond me. I love that it still had the green rubber key covers still. *Sigh*

Pain and Thought Hording


Is the word “horde” looking weird to you now?



  1. I thought I wrote a reply, but I must have got so caught up!
    Well these rules aren’t really working for me just yet. I’ve bought 4 recently. HAHA. :p

    And, oh don’t we all wish to be like Richard Polt.
    Sighhh. :)


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