Imported delights!

Today and yesterday has just been a constant influx of the most awesome stuff. People are flying/driving/rowing to this side of Australia, carrying stuff for/to me! :D

Yesterday I got 4 + 7 letters and gifts from various people via mail and my brother who’s here for a couple of weeks.
The four letters I got via mail were absolute darlings to read, and one of them was a cool arty sort of letter that I had to keep turning round and round. It took me something like 10minutes to find the beginning!
The other 7 were pictures/letters from kids back home…
Let’s just say I was a sooky bum bum for a long while.
Ironic things them happy mail are.

Before I say about today’s lot of things, here’s a picture of today and yesterday’s “presents” laid out on my floor. Group picture!


And in the big blue bag:

This was on our table at our wedding :)

I hope you’ve spotted this baby earlier.

Check out the decals!

This Underwood Portable #3 a real beauty and I can’t get over how small she is! The base plate is slightly wider then a A4 sheet of paper.
I’ve named her Tryp, because it’s (according to a baby name website) is a deretative of the word “three” (from the model name) and that she’s been on a caravan for the last month of so with the loveliest couple that was nice enough to take her with them.
I’m loving this little typer so much, and I wish that I knew how to give complete overhauls to these darlings! It’s got a almost everything wrong (apart from a snapped carriage string) about it.
FIL and I spent a good half hour just marveling the design and beauty of this little machine… Hopefully someday I’ll be able to take it to a professional to fix her’ right up :)

And just to end this post off, here’s my mini project that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile:



Yellow tippex pooed-on Tippa, you’re next.


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