Happy birthday Singapore!

Sorry for the haitus – I know it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve last blogged but it’s be soooo busy I didn’t even have time to do the laundry. The sheets need a wash, the shower needs to be cleaned, typewriters need to be repaired, letters are months overdue…
You get the drift.
I’d had a couple of scrawlings of a post saved as drafts and I think I will just slap em’ in another post later this week.

Today has been… interesting.
I almost didn’t wake up – after supper at Macca’s with a group of friends from church and Dad, I was in a mad flurry trying to get stuff sorted and packed for my Dad and brother to bring back home to Singapore. By the time we got to bed at 1 or so in the morning, the worse thing could happen happened.
Insomnia. Albeit mild, it was enough to shove my brain off track in the morning.

It didn’t occur to me that today was National Day in Singapore till about 3 hours ago.
I miss so many things about Singapore.

1. I miss my friends, family and church folk. My Dad and brother have been in town for the last week or so so that’s been really good. They just got on a plane earlier today.

2. I miss speaking Singlish. Not just the “lah’s”, but all the brokenness and quirk in it. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about. I’m not quite sure either.

3. Food. Oh man.
My food list just keeps growing longer and longer:
Ban mian (noodles in soup) from Airport T3 or Simei
Hokkien mee from Tiong Baru market
Fishball laksa from Railway (?)
Frozen yoghurt and doughnuts from j.Co
Pork ribs mee sua from Bugis
Mee goreng from Bugis somewhere
Grandma’s cooking
A whole steamed fish with soy sauce and spring onions cooked by my Dad
Prawn mee with pork ribs, Adam Road (?)
San lor hor fun from the coffee shop near my place
Pork porridge with egg from the coffee shop near my place
Marche waffles
Gelare half priced waffles on Tuesdays
Portuguese egg tarts
… and so on. I can’t remember any more off the top of my head right now. I should really write all of them down.

4. I want to have a complete meal under $7 and not worry about how much I’ve spent.

5. Stationary shops like Popular and the old and odd shops at Bras Basah, you’re going to be raided come end of the year. Artfriend, I might pop in and stock up on paper and replacement nibs for my carver. I miss roaming around random stores and finding the weirdest things.
Oh yes, I think I’ll just buy Daiso out and have a container ready.

6. The efficient transport system. Sure I’ll be squashed like a sardine in a tin, it beats being stranded at home with no car, and even if I had a car… I don’t drive.

7. I miss my home area. I miss the ability to walk downstairs and there’s a convenience store, then walking/cycling out to the heart of town and have 4 coffee shops full of food for you. I miss that mess of shops – the hairdresser’s, the small stationary shop, the Dollar shop…. Just everything in one massive, enjoyable, convenient spot.

My brain is ceasing to function. The headache I’ve got feels like a rock in my head. I better stop now while I am still co-him-runt.

Happy birthday Singapore, you oldy mouldy.


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