Quick snap and share



Check out the bent slug. :(


Always check under da’ hood.
Herbert J(something) Perkins, July 1936 (?), John Opyt. I can’t make out the words too well.

check out all the details:


The paint has yellowed so badly. I’m not sure what to do. Chemical bath?

All caps Radio Mill.

And here he is, all in his yellowed glory.


Hubs and I work in the same building now (well for not much longer, my contract is ending) and he usually asks me if I’d like anything from downstairs when he goes get breakfast/snack/lunch.
The other day I was feeling under the weather and I replied saying:
“I’d like a Portuguese egg tart and a smile if you can get them at the shops.”
And this is what I got. :)

The bag is still sitting on my table.



  1. I’m am absolutely in love with that Navy typer, yellowed paint and all! I’m doing something a little strange: I’m mixing my typewriter collection with my militaria collection. Since [most of] my militaria is Soviet, my reticle is geared toward Cyrillic typers right now. I cannot speak or read Russian, but it might just give me an excuse to learn.

    Also, love the smiley bag! My hubs does stuff like that for me, too. Cheers for awesome menfolks!


    1. Thank you so much Anna! :D I wish I was more skilled to bring this typer to its original condition.. I’m saving it up for a typer that’s on it’s way! :)

      Strange? That waaaaay awesome! :D Maybe you learn how write in Russian and use it for the Initiative as a joke :p

      Hee heee, kisses for awesome husbands! :):)


  2. i think i like that Olivetti!!!

    and really cool navy Royal there!

    i actually just emerged from the garage where i was doing a bit of cleaning on a 1950s QDL… i got it for $5 a few months ago and it was covered in debris. In fact, when i first tried it out not one key moved. It was stuck in time. And there were more dead spiders than keys.

    Now it is moving and getting snappier. Its a garden variety royal QDL and no way near as nice as your Navy but it was worth saving.


    1. Hullo Michael!
      Hee hee, I think I’m liking the L82 too! It’s basically a Hermes baby in a Olivetti casing. I love that it’s so small! I have a comparison post coming out soon.

      Many thanks for the compliments!

      $5?! Oh my goodness I am thoroughly jealous. Over this side of the world machines are starting to cost a LOT. EWWW. dead spiders, meh! I think I’d prefer dead spiders to dead cockroaches any day. I’m so glad you saved your QDL from key choppers – they’re nasty people. :(

      Once again, thank you for the compliments for Navy! Hopefully the repairman can help with the paint job too. :)


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