30 minute clean and fix.

Just a quick one, my eyes are quite heavy and I’m snuggled into bed.

Remember the Olivetti Lettera 82 I posted with a bent type slug?

Well I finally got around fixing, cleaning and polishing it in about half an hour.
Here’s the before and after shots! :):)

Super bent “H” slug:

And a straight, not annoyingly out of alignment and hindering neighboring slugs, super slug!:

Check out the test type I had whilst trying to fix the slug:

I’m really liking this piece! All I need to do next is to felt the bottom under the keys and maybe on the inside of the clip case. It’s quite scratched.

Oh yeah!
I bought this special buffing sponge thing and I really like them! I barely have to use any force for old marks and stuff to come off. My L82 looks like new! Hopefully it’ll work on some other plastic machines I’ve got…

But for now…
Goodnight, and I hope you wake up to a great day of awesomeness ;)



  1. nice work! what buffing sponge is ti? i think i want one! right now i use old boxers to clean my typers hahaha. i also have some dental picks for the typeface but hvaent used them yet.


    1. Thank you Michael!
      I’m going to test the sponge a little bit more on another typer and I’ll post it up! ;)
      Ah hahahahahaha! Boxers? Ah hahahaa :D I’ve been using baby wipes – soooo easy to use!
      Ahhh, dental picks. I’ve yet to clean the slugs too. Hmmmmm. Have you tried using naphtha? Check out Flynn Taggart’s post about it – it cleans type slugs effectively and you’ll end up with slugs that look like new!


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