Things done and to be done


10 rolls of washi tape. They’re great for wrapping presents and taping up scratched bits in cases to prevent further scratching.

Insides of the cases taped up

I was scrubbing and scrubbing away at a stain just under the return lever of my Adler Contessa de lux only to realise later that it was a massive scratch that somehow turned orange.
Ah wells. It’s all taped up. ;)

Ahhh the cutie pie looking minty as!

I also finally got around to fixing the cracks in the case of my L82 – this is the only one that turned out good. The other cracks didn’t glue up that well….

All cleaned and looking’ for a new home.


Ahhh yes. Here’s the link to the Initiative I was talking about in #3.
from A Machine For The End Of The World.
There’s been 7 of us in the first round, join us in the next! ;)



  1. Oh my goodness, where do you find washi tape!? I have got to find some of that stuff for the insides of both my cases; the Royal’s is sad and rubbed and the Remington…someone tried to take the typer out by force and broke one of the levers out (along with some of the wood), so hubs fixed it for me The paper is still flopping round, though. :( What a brilliant idea! I love how the one on the typer looks like a band-aid; too cute!

    What typer is in the two-tone red and cream case? That case it totally cute.

    And thanks for mentioning the initiative! We ended up with a couple late people, so I paired them up together, hee hee. I have my first-round letter written but not sent because I still have to make stuff to go with them!


    1. Hee hee, hullo Anna! :D
      Ummmm. Etsy has some washi tape for $2 a roll, and you could try scrapbooking supplies sites (that’s where I got mine :))
      What do you mean “The paper is still flopping round, though.” is the paper feed loose or something? :(
      Ahhahahahaa, now that you’ve mentioned it, it does look like a band aid!

      The typer in the two-toned case is the cute rabbit eared Underwood 18! I love it lots, but I’ve got to cut down. :(

      Hee heee! I finally got around making stamps to decorate my letters, hopefully I’ll get the letters rolling sooner then later ;)
      No worries about the mention! Com’on people, join join join!


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