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So I finally got to fix my Model P Royal typer yesterday and today, and the biggest concern I had was crumbling feet and this massive splodge of a rust spot in the paper feed. The chrome around that area was already starting to peel, so I chickened out on doing too much on it. I’ve just smoothed it out and just put it back together. I had an idiot moment and actually jammed the platen back in and couldn’t take it out. Panic panic panic.
Lesson learnt: don’t be a hero and just shove the platen in.
Luckily the platen came out with a shove and yank with string.


Type slugs shot.


I can’t believe this is mine.
I need help to name this piece. I can’t think of anything suitable!




    1. Hullo! :D
      Thank you soooo much. Unfortunately not all Royal Model P’s come in the vogue font. It’s a bit of a rarity, and because they’re so old, I’d hate to think that key choppers got to them before us. :(

      The cursive font on Olympia SF’s aren’t too hard to find (thankfully) and can be found in SM7’s (I think) if you prefer medium sized portables. ;)

      Thanks so much for dropping by here! :D
      Comments always make my day so much sweeter then the jelly I have setting in the fridge :p


    1. Hey Michael!
      Haha, thank you! It’s taken practice and after ahwile its pretty easy. I was reading your blog – didn’t you buy all those cleaning products for your typers?
      And and and, I really like your collection, makes me droooool :p

      No name Royal Vogue says thank you, thank you, thank you! xD


  1. Congratulations (again) on finally acquiring that vogue machine you’ve wanted so badly! It looks terrific and that typeface… Oh, that typeface… I’m jealous.

    Also, nice job with the disassembly and clean-up work! I always like to see photos of someones work space as they tinker with a typewriter. I often pick up ideas on how to lay things out or what tools to use.


    1. Thank you so much :D
      I’m finally getting around to sending that letter I owe you, so I’ll make sure to write a substantial amount so that you can oogle at it. ;)

      Gaaaah, I wish I could get that rust spot out without damaging the chrome. It was pretty easy to disassemble as compared to the SM2, oddly enough.
      Ah hahaha, my layout is more like a splatter of cans, brushes and tools just EVERYWHERE.


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