Another Tippa!

I knew what I was going to say in my typecast, but it came out all weird and splat like. Soooo, I’ll just say it right here:

Sighhhh, I’ve got good jazz music on and I’m taking a break from typing letters and doing other stuff (that I’m procrastinating with, I’m not too ready to sit down for two hours to hem a pair of pants legs right now.) and yesterday two packages arrived in our lounge room, and one I was really eager to open, and voila! Yet another Adler Tippa. This would be my second one, and it was a really nice surprise.

I bought this on eBay on a whim, half wanting to win and half thinking I shouldn’t be bidding… then a thought hit me that hey, this could be a script one. How cool would that be? I asked the seller and they got back to me saying “Oh, there’s a bit of a problem with the keys and blah blah blah.” I wanted to confirm my hunch so I asked for a type sample, or a picture of the slugs. 5 days on I got no reply and I was getting rather impatient. Messaged them to “quick send this to me, I’ll fix it” and they did.

And guess what?

My hunch was right.

It was just a really nice surprise! I had the fattest grin all night and got on to clean the machine and it didn’t take me very long to get it looking like it was brand new. It did take me awhile to fix the troublesome slugs though. The ‘A’ key was out of alignment and just didn’t want to behave. (the type test was me trying to fix it over a good hour)

Here’s the before: (check out the white on the platen and the sides, meh! The case was quite dirty too.)

and after: (*big smiles around*)
I tried out a new cleaner with it, and it worked pretty well. I just hope now it doesn’t fizzle my platen over time, hahaha :)
Tippa still needs work – the keys on the left aren’t aligned as well, and it sticks randomly. But for a machine that didn’t cost me $100AUD, I’m happy with it! I would have never thought I’d own a yellow cursive Tippa, ever!
I forgot to add: it’s got the best serial number EVER.
S/n: 5774466. :D

I’ve just thought a name up for this piece – Oriole.
Yes like the bird. I used to see them everyday cycling on my way to school… maaaaan that was ages ago.
I always loved seeing them. Hmmmm. I’m tempted to make a stamp of a Oriole now. Hmmm.

(Picture credits to Wiki, black naped Oriole)

Ahhhhh wells. It’s about time for lunch and back to work for me. *whine*
Catch you later about my other purchase after I get to cleaning and trying to buff it ;)

Blab of a typecast before:




  1. :D I have a script Contessa, it’s basically a bigger version of the script Tippa.
    Love love love Adler. ;)

    But I do hope someday I’ll get my hands on a Gossen Tippa. Oh man.


  2. Ugh WordPress ate my comment. Lucky you to get this on a hunch! How could you tell it was a script machine without actually seeing the type? Oriole is a lovely name :)


      1. I’ll give you a hint…. With the Tippa, a cursive machine only has one colour on the colour selector.

  3. Hey Nat, your email went to my junk mail. And it also made me realize I forgot to sign off my comments. Blur moment… I wrote to you before. The local machines are kind of pricey but I’m in the process of securing one online. Akan datang…



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