First type out.


Trusty little Lettera 82 and chups.

The tree. It was pretty big.

The horses and the riders. Giddyup’!


Creeping sun.

Enjoying the window of sea.

It was a really nice day and tree.



Timestamp: 2:26pm

I’m sitting in Gloria Jean’s with no cuppa waiting for my MIL to get a ride home. Dinner stuff has been bought (and costs a lot today. :/) (well I did buy a fair lot of things) and is melting on the floor here. I’m tempted to bust the little typer out for a quick type but I’m being good till my MIL comes to get a cuppa.
The little munchkin has done really well so far being lugged around lunch place and the supermarket.

Its getting to the point of headache hot and I’m just about ready for bed. Can’t wait to get home ha haha.

I just drifted off to a day dream.
Ah. MIL here. Look alive Nat, look alive!

Timestamp: 2:36pm


Timestamp: 4:17pm

I’ve just made jelly for tonight’s dessert and gonna crash now.



Timestamp: 8:24pm
Everyone survived the apocalypse called dinner and now I’m running to get jelly.
Oh, I upgraded the type cast size.
Wordpress has been cheating me all this time.



  1. I like the “time stamp” concept. And your entertaining typecast proves yet again that typewriters possess Narrative Attraction. Use one in public, and stories will happen around it.


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