Swirl marked


Sun setting on Oriole. Somehow the Adler plastic is easier to buff. :)

Look at that glow! :)
I wish the scratches and swirl marks would go AWAY. :(

For some reason, the Valentine can’t type unless it’s in the body.

Sponges that didn’t cost that much. Its great for textured surfaces (like the handle area of Valentines and plastic clip on cases) but has the tendency to leave marks on plastic bodies and a white water mark.

Time to get going on writing more letters. And packing sold stamps from Etsy. *clicks heels in the air*



  1. Good looking plastic, at least in these photos.

    I know a typewriter collector in Singapore; drop me an e-mail (polt@xavier.edu) and I can put you in touch with her if you like.


    1. Thank you! I wish the swirl marks would go away though. It’s irking my OCD, ah haha.

      Would you have any tips on ridding scratches on plastic models?
      I saw on the forum about the rubbing and polishing compound. Hopefully I can get some.


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