An old friend

12:20pm update: My brain must be dead. “and” old friend? *face slap*

The box that it came in weighed about 14kgs, full of old magazines scrunched up.

I love the wine red color.

I also love the art style of the Torpedo logo.

Sighhh. Time for cup mee goreng to kill the somberness just a little.


  1. i almost acquired one of these in black a few months ago. However, i had just spent a couple hundred dollars on 3 or 4 machines earlier in the week and thought: i better not get this torpedo right now. i should wait.
    and since then, i havent seen another one.
    great looking sea turtle, btw


    1. Oh Michael, a couple hundred on 3 or 4 machines is a good deal! I just splurged a few hundred on one machine last week.
      Torpedo’s aren’t as common as I found… And this wine red one is rarer?
      I’ve only ever seen another black Torpedo (that went for something like $250AUD here on eBay) and that was it. :/

      I’m sure if you’re meant to have one in your collection, one will eventually find you ;)

      Hee hee, thanks about the turtle! I made a whole heap of sea related stamps recently… Cheap thrills.


    1. Thanks Anna!
      I’ve only seen the black and green one. I didn’t know that it came in icy blue!

      It’s a really nice machine though. I do love the logo styles and the cool chrome played Torpedo logo.

      And the fact the brand is called Torpedo. Somedays I think maybe people chucked them over grenades (or even cooler and shot out of a lurking submarine) and probably will get flattened like having a torpedo dropped on.

      They’re so heavy!


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