Hermes Baby Surprise


Big box, small machine!

First reveal. You probably can’t see how grubby it was…

Probably the coolest thing about this machine. I put this up on Facebook before and one of my friends asked if Fiona was still alive. I said “probably not. I think this was from an estate sale.”
My friend had the “oh noes!!!” after that.

Sorry for the repetition, but I forgot to do the full type sample.

Anyone know what this is? I don’t know where it’s supposed to go!

Ahhh. After a clean. Well, semi clean.
I’m just glad the insides aren’t as yellow as the outsides.

I want to get those quirky eye stickers for this machine. Don’t you think it looks like its grinning? :D



  1. Seems like a typewriter that someone would use in a 1971 movie about the future.

    Maybe that plastic piece fits into the carriage rails or something to protect the machine during shipping …


    1. “Back to the Future” comes to mind everytime I open it up.
      Or a old machine that pings.

      I’m just waiting for it to get the monotone computer voice to sound in my head.

      Maybe I should name him Jarvis.


  2. Seriously?!? Out there are folks falling over each other trying to get a typer with a cool font and one just falls into your lap! You must be a magnet for them :D
    I quite like the techno font, suitable for typing a sci-fi novel maybe. Imagine if Douglas Adams typed the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with this font!


      1. He did use a typewriter, apparently a “Hermes Standard 8” that was signed and sold. No mention of typeface though. But then that’s something only nutty collectors would have noticed or bothered mentioning :)

      2. Oh!
        Hahaha, that might explain the awesomeness of it all ;)

        I think the person who bought that typer might just be a fan… I’m not quite sure if a collector would splurge on a typer like that…
        But I’ve been wrong soooo many times.

        Has your machine arrived yet?

  3. Very nice!! I haven’t bought a new typewriter in a while although I’ve had my eye on several on ebay. I was watching a Royal Vogue, but it ended up going for over $300! Sigh. Will I ever get a Vogue?!


    1. Sam! :D was I meant to email you last? Oh man, I have to check.

      Hee hee thank you so much! I’m happy

      It’s good to have a break from buying.. Especially good for the hub’s wallet :p I’m hoping to cut down (or stop completely) soon!

      I was watching that too as well, I hope you didn’t try to bid? Lol.
      You’ll find one someday dear. Good things will come to those who wait! :D


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