Little thoughts

I know this is a bit late, but yeah. I’m having a random spasm of thoughts.
After that type cast I tweaked it a little more till I was happy that black didn’t have any hints of red.

I’m thinking I should keep this Olympia SF. This machine beautifully clean, the case is absolutely beautiful and the tag that told the story… Just hooks me every time.
Maybe it’s worth a new coat of paint.
I’m looking into the color scheme of orange, grey and cream. The side panels and the keys will remain the same. I’ll redo the accent keys and the cream part of the body…
Go Netherlands?

What happens when the day comes when there are no more ribbons in the world to buy?
What will we do then?

I’m missing my Adler Tippa that I sent off yesterday. But I’m glad I found it a new home! That’s the package with the “fragile” plastered all over it.
The other package has my Brother 200 in it. Today a friend and I lugged it to Auspost only to find out in my absolute horror that it’ll be $60.45 just to post it down south.
Why so expensive? I don’t know.

Talking about expensive: today I spent $8 to post 4 international letters. That’s right, $8 for 4 letters. They weren’t heavy or anything, they were just envelopes with one slip of paper. One.
And it wasn’t even A4 size. Apparently postcards would have cost the same to post to where ever.
Expensive, yes. Is it worth it? Maybe. Time will tell.
Maybe that is why people stopped sending letters.

Today I was living vicariously through two friends who finally got typewriters that they’ve been searching for for a long while… It’s just amazing I can share their happiness through a little mobile device and about a thousand times over of OMGOODNESS!

Love the feeling.

Instead of sleeping in I watched two pandas from China touchdown onto Singapore soil. The commentator for the “event” read out my comment I posted, I was stoked.

Just when I think….
…. I got distracted and lost my train of thought.



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