My type of mess.

Hubs is on a thorough cleaning spree and he’s put all my machines together.

He stared at my lot for a bit:

“That’s A LOT of stuff babe.”

Perhaps it’s time to downsize.



  1. How many of those are ones you intend to keep? Maybe all they need are a nice display case to look neat; and the others can go in a big box until they’re sold. Ahem, that is, unless they are ALL keepers…then you need a typewriter room.


    1. Uhhhh, about 8 or 9?
      Sigh! I wish I had a nice display case, but we don’t have the space, and the piece I’ll like to have needs to be custom made.
      When we get our own place I’ll definitely have a room for my craft stuff and typewriters! :D It’ll be so awesome. :)


  2. Now that is my kind of mess! You should have seen my room before the secretary made its grand entrance; there were literally typewriters EVERYWHERE! Relatives were running about, trying to locate storage for them, to help me get them off the floor and organized. The secretary was a godsend! But now, it’s beginning to get full…so I may end up commandeering a bookcase. Typers seem to be much like potato chips in that you cannot have just one and even a handful leaves you wanting more!

    We get it. You’re safe here. ;-)


  3. I just landed on your blog. Nice! And I just noticed the Royal Royalite of yours. I picked one up last week. Great machine.


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