Well I was going to write more but then… I got distracted again, and I can’t remember what it was again.
I want to thank everyone that has dropped by this blog! I’m really shy now and not quite sure what to say, but I hope a simple “thank you” will suffice for now.

And now, by the magic of distraction for my awkwardness,
What do you think?
Orange, grey and maybe grey accent keys. Black was nice too for the accent keys. Whether I can do the accent keys and knobs is another thing. LOL.

Ah yes, I knew I was missing a picture.
I forgot the spider.



    1. Thank you! :D
      Haha, I’m trying very hard to stick to my sketch of a dogma that says I should keep just 8. I’d love to have more, but I think I’ll wait to get our own place first.

      Oh the irony!
      A centipede actually came to our room last night. Not so nasty looking, but it was wriggly and black. Urgh!


  1. I like the thinking of collectors! I’m fast losing in the battle to stick to just two typewriters…22 now, I wonder what that number will be for you once you get your own place :P I read somewhere that Australia has the most poisonous anything in the world, snakes, spiders, etc. But that Ohio centipede looks really nasty too.


    1. Hahaha, just stick with two!
      Oh man. When I get my own place… I’ll probably have a shed for my typers or something. Or a whole room. :D

      Ugh. In Australia has the most poisonous everything, and most of them are in the Top End… Where I live.


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