It’s the cutest little thing – the dark blue and the super bleached white is so pleasing to the eyes. This particular machine seemed like it was hardly used. It’s got the original spools in, and the ribbon is still inked. (the red has got kinda pink!)


The only thing I was a little bit sad about was that it’s 10CPI. I didn’t know they made it in different font sizes, and I thought that it’ll be like my cream L82 with a 12CPI.

Last shot, I promise.
Even the case is handsome!

I think I’ve got to get a Tardis vinyl made up for this typewriter.

I’m really just enjoying the simple this week. Hubs got me a chocolate lava cake which was fantastic.

Hopefully you are having a nice week… unless, you’re having great things happening – then you’re a lucky duck and having an awesome one!

Oh yes – Round two for the Initiative is open. Get stuck into it!
from A Machine For The End Of The World.


    1. Thanks Scott! It’s quite dark and the camera can’t quite get the shade right.
      Maybe it’s just my silly phone.

      Hee heee, I might be a little piggy tonight and have another lava cake. Yummmmmmm.


    1. Thank you! :)
      It’s the later made Hermes baby when Hermes got bought over by Olivetti. Its basically Hermes mechanics in a Olivetti shell… They come in a few colors!
      I’ve seen yellow, white, teal, charcoal and this navy blue. There’s probably more out there. :)


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