Italians did make the italics!

My first typewriter shelf! ($30 from Gumtree) I still have it, I’ve converted it to my typewriter work shelf. It’s got all my cans and bottles of what nots and rags… a couple of typers are waiting in line for a clean up too.Will blog about them when I get around to it.20120926-141251.jpg20120926-141336.jpg20120926-141412.jpg20120926-141327.jpg20120926-141403.jpg
This little one was super cute – he jumped on our laps the moment we sat down and started licking and chewing on our fingers. And he was human hopping. Literally hopping across the chairs just to get to our supposedly yummy fingers.

This little girl really stole my heart. She was absolutely TINY and soooo beautiful! Look at that coat!
Nawwwww :(


 So here I present you subject Olympia SM3, supposedly grey and definitely dirty as ever –



And now, all clean and green.
You probably can’t see it, but on the left side most of the crinkle paint has worn down to it’s base colour. It’s still handsome as ever and types beautifully, it’s much more then what I thought I was getting!


The new shelf! Loving that the new shelf is simple and clean cut though I have days I think it’s going to give way to the weight of all my machines, ha ha. Scored the shelf on Gumtree, $50. Hopefully the “extra spaces” in the shelf doesn’t subconsciously make me buy more typewriters.
Though, it might have already worked.
I bought another three.


Yes, it’s typed as yesterday’s date – this post was typed out on the SM3 and I got distracted doing everything else….
Italics is such a dainty typeface.
I think my latest quest for an ancient animal encyclopedia has got me sucked into this pool of the slants — the scientific names of animals are always in italics. I’m still tossing coins to see if I should get the Webster’s Pictorial. Hmmm.
And really:
Italians did design the Italics typeface. Check it out here:

Chow for now!


  1. Love the shelves; I really need some. But. Those. Kittens! XD Also that Olympia was a dirty little critter when he arrived; he looks all clean and happy now! XD


    1. Thank you Anna! I’m really considering getting another shelf done, or if I should just sell off whatever I’m not using.
      Oh my goodness. I really want to take them home now *weeps* The poor kittens!

      Hee heee! I’m so glad he cleaned up so much better then what I thought he would, and he looks soooo good now! :D


  2. awww.. those kittens! are they strays? sad lar, hope they will find good homes soon.
    ah.. i digress.. show us the tappies inside those cases!! i just received one today! ;)


    1. They’re at the pound! :(:( I hope so too. They’re sooooo cute!

      Haha, I’m waiting on a couple more to come before I do another “Group hug” post. ;)
      Ohhhhh! What did you get? Show show show!
      *stalks your blog*


  3. Another three?!? What did you get? Lemme see, I’m guessing there’s at least one Adler, or three!
    Did your dogs go crazy when you got home? They could probably smell the kittens on you. :)


  4. I am a total sucker for cats and Olympia italics – great post! I have a moon dust grey SM3 with that italic font. I need to get it out and play. I also desperately need to get my cases onto shelves.


    1. Thanks Dwayne!
      Moon dust grey? Nice! I’ve yet to get my hands on a Olympia SM that isn’t black or green.
      Oh dear! I take that they’re all stacked up in the precarious leaning fashion? :p


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