ETA 3 minutes

ETA 3 minutes to a interview….

… And I’m sitting in a quiet cafe thinking if I should have brought a typewriter along.



  1. I suppose it’s a little late, but good luck for the interview! And no, I wouldn’t bring a typewriter. Unless the interview was for a court stenographer’s position or a role in a sitcom set in a newsroom in the ’50s or ’60s.


    1. Thank you anyway!
      The interview was a flop – I didn’t fit the basic requirements. Ah wells.
      Back to stalking websites for me.

      Haha, I was meaning to take one today to burn time at a nice cafe and type something up. I think I was too chicken to type at the shops — I just might haw been kicked out for being too noisy with the typer ha ha.


      1. I’ve learned that even an unsuccessful interview is worthwhile. Gives you a chance to practice responses to the more basic questions.
        Yeah, I’ve never tried a typewriter at a cafe. One day, maybe…

      2. True.
        The bosses at the interview were really really nice. One of them offered to get in touch with someone in the child care industry. Should be good. ;)

        I found a secluded cafe in a middle of a building, I thought it was the perfect place to type… And to get cool after walking around everywhere in the heat. Haha!
        Hopefully one day I’ll pluck up enough courage to type at the cafeteria. It would be pretty awesome. ;)

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