I am Number Four


Well, not this exact piece.
That’s #3 (the invisible one) – after that post I did on the polishing (three days wasted on polishing, what was I thinking?!) and fix last I managed do a couple of other fixes: mainly straightening the front bar and repairing the locking mechanism.
Right now it’s on it’s way to a very nice lady in Australia, who hopefully will thoroughly enjoy her new toy :)


The insides of this Valentine S (it doesn’t have the tab function, which I prefer) were surprisingly clean, save the carriage area with white-out flakes. (Ugh. I hate it when they’re flakes.) It seems like it was hardly ever used. Probably taken out and shoved back into the case a hundred times to show it off, but the keys and space bar look like new – they still have the brand new sheen to it…


First up: the before and after pictures. I’m so pleased! :D
As you can see, it wasn’t as badly scratched as other pieces I’ve had, but it was bad enough to see in terrible lighting.
Thankfully buffing the scratches off didn’t take as long this time – maybe all night? Polishing took a little while too, but not as long as #3. All that is left is three pretty deep pockmarks nearer the edges but I was happy to leave it there – I didn’t want to run a hole in the silly thing.


After all the buffing – took me another two hours or so to polish it. It’s pretty shiny now.


Washi tape on the return lever to prevent further scuffs on the lever and the side panel. The side panel has no marks what so ever, I didn’t want to be the one to start making them!
Oh, yes, the spools aren’t the original metal ones, but they have the gaping hole in the middle to make way for nut bit of the ribbon caps.

As much as these machines are terribly made (and annoy us all), I’m hoping one day I’ll get to own a Mexican made Valentine with the “Dalek bumps”.
It’ll be awesome. <3

Time to clean the case a good scrubbing and give the top another round of polishing… Heh.
Hullos and good-byes,
and to a awesome weekend (I know it’s going to be a good one because hubs is taking me to the markets for laska tomorrow <3),
Valentine S




    1. Why, thank you so much! ;)
      I’m just really glad I got it buffed down to a point that is acceptable to me!
      I love washi-tape, a arty sort of tape, sticks on pretty much anything!


  1. We had the Mexican one before and sold it at a giveaway price. We just got a Spanish one this week. Have you had experience with both and what is your preference?


  2. I see you have finally been added to the Mighty Blogroll. Congratulations!

    Haha, I know the up-all-night-scrubbing-the-typewriter sickness. I have it too, as you well know. For my next trick, getting the cigarette smell out of that lovely duotone SM3 in time for NaNo! I’ll probably work on that in a few minutes, actually…


    1. Oh thank you! :)

      I think my mind’s funny today. I’m thinking that everyone might be Cinderellas, or work gnomes, vigorously scrubbing machines through the night. Hmmmm.
      Oh dear! Is cigarette smell really bad? The smell is probably in the felt… And, that is a really lovely duo-tone. :)


  3. The Valentina we currently have says Valentine S whereas the Mexican Valentine we previously had did not have the ‘s’ on it. Do you know if there is a notable difference between the Valentine and the Valentine S? I can’t seem to find anything written about the difference between the two.


  4. Hi,
    I am amazed with your work. I have two Valetines myself, and I would like to know how did you polish it? Did you use any magic liquid or something?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hey Microorcim!
      (That’s a pretty cool name)

      Firstly, thank you! :)
      I use a plastic polisher that you can find in auto shops in Australia – if you aren’t in Australia you might be better off looking for a different polisher. The plastic polisher I use is ok, but on one machine it left lots of swirl marks. Perhaps it was the method I was polishing it.
      But what ever you do, test it out on the underside of the Valentine, or a not so obvious area.
      You’re heaps welcome!


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