Mr. Adler’s Morning

* * * * *

WARNING: this post might not be suitable for young children and kids under the age of 15.
Contains nudity.
Please use discretion.

* * * * *

Mr Adler woke up to find his clothes on the table, cleaned and polished neatly by room service.

Mr Adler readied himself for the day.
He left all his loose change on the bath mat.
A LOT of loose change.

Mr Adler did pat this cute puppy.

Mr Adler then proceeded to a luxurious bubble bath.
It was a good bath… it would have been better if the plug was working properly.

Ahhh, how refreshing.
Oh dear, the towel isn’t big enough to cover him!

Mr. Adler sun-tanning at the nude beach.
Well, it’s not an actual beach… but he’s outside, and nudey-rudey.

He’s still out there now.
Someone should check on him if he’s okay.

* * * * *

Stay tuned for more of:
“Mr Adler’s Morning”

* * * * *



  1. A-hahahaha! So funny the way you wrote this! Good show on giving him a bath; I’m still not quite so brave as to allow them to soak!

    When I finally post on my blue Aristocrat, I’ll have to use a disclaimer, too. The naughty boy has been running round topless since before his arrival!


    1. Ah haha :D I’m glad you thought it was funny! I’ve been having a rather interesting typer’s block.
      He didn’t soak that long – the plug wasn’t plugging it up properly, so it was more like a little dive.
      Hahaha, can’t wait! :D


  2. Man, I love that yellow!

    My typewriter bathing experiences have been mostly positive. I use a fan to accelerate the drying and get lube in the escapement and carriage rails as soon as possible.


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