Mrs. Adler’s Day

* * * * *

WARNING: This post might not be suitable for young children and kids under the age of 15.
Contains nudity, and pictures of a real medical procedure
Please use discretion.

Oh, this post maybe grossly wrong in a million ways theoretically.
I apologise in advance if this makes you feel like pulling out all of your hair.

* * * * *

Mrs. Adler, age approximately 60 – BP dropping, dehydrated and has been started on fluids.
Patient presented with multiple contusions to the posterior and exterior with extensive signs of superficial cuts.
Echocardiogram scans show several cardiovascular hematoma in the arteries. MRI also shows loss of spinal fluid and Pneumonoultramicroscopicgrossvolcanoconiosis. Lung transplant has been approved. Patient also seems to have trouble advancing, and when she does, a loud crunch can be heard.

Mrs. Adler being prepped for surgery.

Everything has to be sanitized.
All cuts and contusions have been attended to.

The following pictures are over a 8 hour period – Pneumonectomy in process, please use discretion.
Pneumonoultramicroscopicgrossvolcanoconiosis – “a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very gross stuff, causing inflammation in the lungs.”


Pneumonectomy was a success, now Mrs. Adler is on the waiting list for a transplant. The board will be assessing her case later today at about 13:00, UTC+(9:30).


Patient prepped for angio-hematomaectomy.
All hematoma were removed. Heart is clean and working perfectly.

* * * * *

Since her Pneumonectomy and angio-hematomaectomy she underwent a quick minor surgery to straighten her spine. Laparoscopy revealed pre-existing screws in place with a plate were mis-aligned. Re-alignment has eliminated crunching sound.

Mrs. Adler is now in ICU, waiting for her new lung.

* * * * *



  1. Ah, the plastic body of your Tippa 1 looks intact, even around the screw areas. I’ve not yet glued those bits back. Mine got a good scrub all over, short of a dunk :) Will you be felting the whole bottom or just the original area?


    1. It is intact, but cracked. I might leave them as they are actually. I was thinking of gluing the cracks up.
      It got too late to dunk Mrs. Adler, so I just did a dry clean.

      I’m not quite sure actually.
      I just got the “lungs” and we’ll see what will fit. :)


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