Update from the Adlers:


Mrs. Adler just got out of her lung transplant, which was a huge success.
She is now recuperating in a normal ward, number 16.

Mr Adler would like to thank everyone for all the well wishes, and a special “Thank You” to the kind person who sent that massive heap of balloons.

Mrs. Adler will definitely love it.



  1. Glad to hear! You are doing well with your cleaning projects and having lots of fun, which is important. I haven’t dunked in a typewriter in a long while, due to most of them being too tricky to take apart and taking a while to dry properly. But it’s definitely worth it to wash away all those years of grime. Happy cleaning!


    1. Adwoa! :D
      Thank you so much, the Adler love you and your blog heaps!!!

      Yeah, I found that out when I dunked the Adler – the sun here was hot hot hot, but it was taking ages to dry.

      I’m going to be so lost now, that white Adler was the last dirty machine!


  2. Sometimes… I think you have too much time on your hands!

    Cute though…. Can’t have been too serious of a lung operation, otherwise you’d need oxygen from that clear and blue regulator that is up to the top left behind the bed, and IV fluid with Anti-biotics (the IV pole has no IV Bag on it!)

    Also, I need to check those balloons, as most hospitals are now non-latex, and I may have to get rid of them if they are. And you ‘d better check with the nurse, as that BP cuff is WAY too big for Mrs Adler’s arm.


    1. Yeah, the lung operation was a cut and run procedure. She’s doing okay with no oxygen and IV!
      Oh? Since when hospitals are non-latex?! :(!!!
      Hahaha, I did check with the nurse – the blue sheet is a blanket! :D
      (I had to use of one my rags as a blankee, and took the shot)

      I’m in trouble, I’ve finished cleaning ALL of my machines!
      Not quite sure I’m going to do now…


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