Patient patient


Let me explain.

Over the last few days I made myself sit and finish writing all my letters. Its been something like a week a bit journey. The patient checked in about five days ago. I let myself take the platen out and unscrew bits and pieces of the poor flayed machine, just to keep myself chugging through my letter pile. Now that the letters are done and sent, I finally got to my work floor with my patient patient…
…only to find myself with no patience.
I really wanted to use it NOW even though I had dismantled a good part of it.
Ergo, the poorly written type cast.

It’s coming to a point that I’ve made myself be so patient that I just don’t want to clean the machine anymore… Well almost.

As much as I want to sit down and clean my machine for the next six hours, the weather is just toooo hot.
It’s ridiculously hot. There’s been random spurts and sprinklings of rain ever so often (and there was a thunderstorm today that killed our power for awhile) and it gets nice and cool… For 15 minutes.
The rain then stops short like a shower tap squeezed shut and there’s an instant territory wide sauna.

I’m currently hiding in my air conditioned room after taking my number four shower of the day, rambling this out on my phone.

Hopefully, patience will settle in me on Monday when I (try to *ahem*) resume cleaning – if not I might have to look into investing in a air conditioned space suit with Swiss army like gloves.

I hope the weather where you are is being kind.
Till the next post, here’s a sneak peak.

A sneak peak of clean keys.



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