No.2 from the International Correspondence Initiative

Green lights to share the next letter from the ICI I got from Mark of Totally Your Type.
Hopefully splitting the letter in half makes it easier to read.

Thank you so much for the letter and goodies!
Hopefully my letter will get to you quick! :)



  1. It’s letters like this that really make me want to design a letter head. I am going to have to get on that.

    Wait…Mark is also the Mark that does No, I Don’t Want Your Credit Card? My god…those posts are genius! Mark, if you are reading this, thanks for all the laughs! I never did figure out how to comment on that particular blog.


  2. Thank you for the compliments, it wasn’t hard to design it but you have to be mindful of the margins on your printer… that might save you some time.

    I am very glad you all enjoy the credit card blog!


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