Mr. Adler’s night surgery

So I’ve been hiding in my room, been doing all sorts of random things and nothing typewriter related… I’ve been meaning to do a mini Rhino, but the inspiration hasn’t hit me quite yet – the only thing that has successfully hit me is this stupid sickie that’s robbing my sleep and stuffing my nose and throat.
Completely smushed I’d say.

Made me own washi tape holder out of rolls and stuff. Yes, it’s extendable. Hoo-ya.

Then proceeded to making my own postcards. They were super pink.

A little bit of crazy for a friend of mine who I’ve stolen this picture from too. Well, I asked.

Hubs is playing AC3 on the telly and I’m hiding under my blanket, coughing my way to some pretty awesome abs… And I realised I haven’t blogged in a bit.
So here’s the last typewriter related thing I’ve done: Mega overdue, soz folks.

Mr Adler’s night surgery:

With some help from another “surgeon”, Mr. Adler’s line spacing mechanism has been put back in its rightful place – and is in perfect working condition now.
New skill upgrade, ho ya.

Mr. Scott K is very awesome and super duper awesome.
Thank you a million times over! XD

Oh. It’s 11/11. Hmmm!


  1. “I’m hiding under my blanket, coughing my way to some pretty awesome abs.” – Haha.. I don’t mean to laugh at your discomfort, but I thought your abs comment was pretty funny. Sounds like a late-night infomercial: “Now you can cough your way to awesome abs! Only $19.95 if you order now!”

    Anyway, coughing and hacking is never any fun. Get well soon!


    1. Ah hahahaha!!!
      “Call now and we’ll add painful joints to tone up those legs! Only for the first ten callers. ”

      Oh if only I could make money with this. I’d be rich enough to save all typewriters. Heh. :p

      Thanks Sean!
      Hopefully I get proper sleep soon to kill this wretched sickie. Meh.


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