Zombie Talk.

Please excuse my rambling, my brain is still rebooting!

Written on Jarvis, 1973 Hermes baby


Peek-a-boo, looks like it’s ready to be ripped open, Mwuahahaha!



  1. My wife has had this annoying ‘flu for almost three weeks now. You need two full days in bed to let your body work on fighting it rather than tackle the admin of running a household. Leave the laundry for 24 hours. I’m sure it’ll still be there tomorrow.
    Get well, Miss.


    1. Three weeks?! Egad!
      That’s terrible! :(
      I’ve been “resting” for the last five days. I wish I could sleep for longer, but I keep having to wake up to cough or to run to the loo. The interrupted sleep is hardly any rest and hopefully another night or so I’ll be sick-free!

      Haha, thank you so much, but the laundry just had to be done. Hubs ran out of gym clothes.

      I hope Mrs. Teeritz gets well too!


  2. Actually, scratch that. My wife started feeling sick about eleven days ago. I just asked her. She went into work because she’s “a nuff-nuff” (her words), but I kept telling her she should stay home. You need a hot-water bottle on your chest if you wanna get some sleep. The heat will help break up the muck in your lungs. Also, get some Vick’s Vaporub, one spoonful into a bowl with boiling water, stick your face over it, with a towel over your head and have a deep inhalation of the steam. Hey, nobody said the ‘flu was glam.
    A courier driver once told me to put Vick’s on the soles of my feet, then socks on, and go to sleep. It’s meant to sweat it out of you. I’ve never tried that one.

    P.S.- Mrs teeritz hopes you get better, too.


    1. Thanks heaps for the tips – I’ll try some of them tonight!
      Vick’s on the soles of feet sounds almost painful, but hey, if it works why not!

      P.S. awww thank you Mrs. Teeritz!


  3. Aww man…. I hate being sick. I’m a lot better than I was yesterday when you saw me on FB. but I’m still not brilliant. get well soon!

    And Teeritz… That’s why I often eat a big bad bowl of Indian when I get a bug. Sweat doesn’t get it out of me… but something that curry does helps.


    1. Hahaha, I should hey?
      I have to figure out what the dreams was first though, most of them are really.. Awkward.

      My mini nanowrimo has been on hold for ages. Ah wells, I suppose it could wait for the next rhino. :p


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