Box towers



Today I’m just stalking a site that’s actually worse then eBay and stalking deals from beginning to the very last second to the next deal.
I’m supposed to be packing machines and sending them off to people. The Royalite has been bought by a nice lady down south, and my Underwood 18 has got someone’s eye on it. Hooray! I have a few other machines that I need to sell off, but I suppose they will get nice homes over time.


I’ve been saving almost every packaging box/packing peanuts/bubblewrap that has come our way which seems reuseable. And given my buying sprees… there’s a whole corner of our living room dedicated to a tower of boxes that’s just about to reach the ceiling, and a hubs who sighs just about every time he sees da tower.

Typewriters have a funny way of multiplying to the gazillions.

Ah, the SM3’s here have got new washers put into them. Question for the typosphere: do you usually use one spring washer or you double up on flat washers? The washers I used seemed to be ok, but I figured you’d need at least a 3mm boost… But I might be wrong?

It’s funny that something so small can mess up the works.

Okay, back to stalking. :3





    1. Hee hee! I think we’re all suffering from the infestation!

      Thanks heaps! I haven’t found any rubber rings just yet at Bunnings… After being in there for ten minutes I feel like my head’s swimming. Heh


  1. I found them. But they don’t have many. What you really want is an electronics company like Radio Spares or something. Those guys have rubber feet for speakers that are designed for similar purposes.


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