Please Pose P’s


From the top left going clockwise: Emerald green, Tardis crinkle blue, Forest green, Lime green.

Ah yes, other then my slightly unhealthy obsessions of Adlers, I do also love the Royal Model P’s.
The colour variety and the vogue font is so very beautiful.
For this little while, I have these four Model P’s in the house.

Look at that paint! Also known Alligator Blue.

Shades of green – lime, emerald, and forest.
I’m making these color names up.
Here you can see the closed spool covers and that they all have the duo-tone colour scheme. The ribbon reverse mechanism was shifted from push buttons on the sides of the machine to a lever on the left side of the machine, replacing the huge Royal decal.

Lime green one has been named “Blimey” (for now) and needs a little bit more work on it and I will have another post for it. I’m loving it to bits. Numbered P233587, 1930 making it the next oldest of the four.
I’ve posted about forest green before – here. Numbered P272356, made 1931, numero tres.

Just a mere 3,551 machines later, this other piece was made – also in 1931 but with a little bit of difference. The two darker greens are not the same sort of green, pity the pictures didn’t really get it… right – forest, left – emerald.


Then I wasted about half an hour trying to fix the shift mechanism, bah. I still need to give it a good clean, and de-gross/gunk it.
Now the difference with forest and emerald is just a little one. See if you can spot it :)

Now I really must be going – hubs will be home soon and I’m supposed to be packing machines away!


  1. And here I was telling you the other day how so few of these come up for sale and here you are, hoarding them. Are you planning on opening up your own law firm…in 1932?
    Nice, nice, NICE(!) machines, one and all. I rarely use my alligator-Red Royal P (1928), but it’s definitely a keeper.


    1. Mwuahahaha!!! I happened to chance on these four, and they are still kinda rare on eBay… By this time next week I’d only be left with two of them.
      Law firm? Nah! I’ve always wanted to use them for my craft work, but you know how the procrastination spiral sucks you in good.
      Thank ye’! I’m kinda regretting that it’s going away in the morning… But I suppose I have enough P’s already. :p
      Is the alligator red the only P you have Teeritz?


      1. Yes, just the alligator. I’ve decided not to go for anymore models earlier than 1950. My stable’s pretty full. Gonna thin some out, methinks.

  2. 1930s models are very rad, but using one is a bit like driving a farm tractor from that era. My ’47 Royal QDL, ’46 SC Sterling, Oly SM2 (and 3), and my recently aquired ’56 SC Silent Super have kind of spoiled me towards earlier typewriters. And I’m now up to seventeen (I think) typewriters. And, to top it off, I’ve lost a little love for these things in the past couple of months, but that’s another story.


    1. Ah hahaha, so very true! I’m loving the rebel coloured pieces – they make me wonder about the people that bought them and cared for the machines over the years.
      Ah, I have yet to try a SC… I think the 40’s models are “just nice” for keyboard fingers – and Olympia SM2/3’s are the nicest. ;)
      Awww, take a break for a little while. Surely absence makes the heart grow fonder. ;)


  3. Waaait a minute! Not just four Royal Model Ps in gorgeous colours, but TWO vogue machines?!? Is that right? I’m greeeen too…. with envy!!! Okay that was too obvious a pun, hahaha! Glad that they are in your care though :)


    1. Beautiful machines… Same in Holland, heaps of desktop Royals, but no portables, seem to have sold mainly to business in Europe? Otoh machines like an early Gossen or a Brosette can’t find buyers on the local auction site…


      1. Very, and all those Continentals and Erika’s too :-)
        Thinking of this, there’s a different ‘population’ for every area. The people at that auction site probably have a map of the global ‘type-scape’ in their data…

      2. *Drooooool!!!*
        I would love to own a folding 3 bank Erika or Fox, but I don’t think I need them right now. I’m happy with what I have :)
        Hmmmm, it’ll be interesting to see that “type-scape”. Wonder if anyone in the Typosphere has access to it?

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