Hallo lah!

Hullo from Singapore!
I’ve been stuffing my face silly with heaps of awesome food and been busy meeting up with people, so sorry about the hiatus.
I did type something up before about coming over with the herd of machines I brought over, but WordPress decided to crash on me so I gave up.
I’ll might do that up again later.

I’m getting on a plane (again) soon for a quick getaway and I’m feeling a bit odd being typewriterless.
I’ve had heaps of things I want to type out, I just haven’t had the time.
Heaps has happened here – I’ll smush it into the next post using a very beautiful machine I got sent here.

So for now, I got a friend to help me out with a machine that will be coming to me soon. He’s taken awesome pictures :D










    1. I just realised I never replied you Richard!
      I can’t believe I have a pink machine now, but I think I’ll appreciate it more when I lay my hands on it!

      Maybe the closet girly-ness in me made me buy it. Heh.


  1. Dang. Do you have any idea how many typeface junkies’ hearts you’ve broken? I assume this is the machine that sold on ebay a couple weeks back.

    Congratulations on the new acquisition. I might even be willing to trade a rebuilt Vogue Royal for this bad girl!


    1. Mwuahahaha!
      I know, I know, sorry Dwayne!!! :P Were you bidding on it too? Yes, I think it was a couple weeks ago. My wallet is weeping like a baby from splurging on it.

      Thank you so so much! I can’t wait to see it when I get back. XD
      The thrill is in the hunt! ;) I hope you find one toooooooo


      1. Yep. I put in a snipe bid since I was on a plane when the auction ended. There were several others that bid higher than I. I’m glad you found yourself a grail and am impressed that you didn’t brag more in the blog title. The thrill is indeed in the hunt. With a collection of lovely typefaces already in place, the hunt gets progressively more interesting.

        By the way, that is an impressive evil laugh ;-)

      2. Ahhhh ok. The guy that I out bidded put a really really bid and thats why it costed me a bomb. Lol!
        Oh thank you so much, I’m heaps shy now.
        Yesssss! The hunt is getting… Interesting. And really expensive.
        Just when I think I’ve had my fill, eBay pours out awesome machines I can’t resist.

        Mwuahahaha, I only learnt it from the best! :p

    1. Hey Ted! Feeling better?
      I was surprised when I found it in this L22, we were all (and still am) looking in the SC’s.

      Now that you’ve mentioned it… I’ve never seen a script Underwood. Hmmmm.


  2. Great! Great find! Been searching for this since last apr when I came across ano typer’s blog. What a pretty girly color too!


    1. It definitely is!!! Thank you la ;)
      Oh wow, last April?! I didn’t realise you were looking that long ago.
      Ah haha, it’s my only girl piece, I’m thinking of a girly name for it!


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