Airplane Peeves

I’m back, but not really back. I’m still trying to recover from the craziness of Singapore and all the late nights I’ve had. My eye bags have outlines.

We got back about 4 days ago and I’ve been procrastinating BIG TIME. My clothes are still in the massive suitcase we brought back. The house is relatively clean. The laundry smells. Blah blah blah…
But I did receive and unwrap a beautiful “welcome home” package – of course it was from me to myself, and I’ll tell you a little bit more later.

I’m taking a little bit of time right now just to get my head straight – as per usual I’ve been stuck to my laptop for ages and my eyes are just about exploding, and I can almost feel the onset of a headache squishing me. Work hunting, meh!

I haven’t quite done anything typewriter related but the moment I got home I stuck all my typewriters in the room for some nice dehumidifying.

I’ve done about three buckets worth now, and the machine is still chugging.
Singapore was awesome for a typewriter experience too, but more in another post.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So very quickly, I wanted to blog about airplane peeves.
You know how everyone hates it when there’s a wailing baby on board? There’s super expensive but really effective noise-cancelling headphones that you can get to kill the sound.
So what do you do when you have TWO guys in the row in front of you with smelly socks?
They took turns sitting upright and lying down, but both fellas are pretty tall so they’d have their socked pedis against the seat arms along the aisle…. right in front of where I was seated.
Sure it wasn’t the kind that makes you gag (or the kind that you can taste in your mouth thank goodness me), but the Eau De Parfum was strong enough to make me want to hold my breath for three hours.

Thankfully after three hours of waft dodging the pilot got everyone to sit up for landing.
So keep all your fancy headgear and just brace yourself for a potential crash landing.

I couldn’t even do that in peace.
Because I was sitting on the aisle seat, I get about three rows of passengers in my view. The second row from me was a teenager… a girl, mind you, talking loudly (almost bragging) about her braces and actually sticking her whole hand into her mouth to show her friend in the opposite aisle what she’s got done.
*face palm*
I couldn’t un-see it.

I’m very sure other passengers were getting really annoyed because the guy right behind this chick took out the in-flight magazine and just started angry scribbles and colouring-ins till we landed.

I’m starting to think I need my own airplane survival pack with a nose-pinch thing and eye mask (or one of those cool TV glasses where the TV is in the glasses, ooooooh) or I might end up like this guy in the States:

(DRUNK SUBDUED: An unruly passenger has been duct taped to his seat on a flight to the USA. Fellow travellers gagged him and bound him up when they tired of his drunken shenanigans. What’s the worst thing you’ve seen on a plane?) via Nine News Darwin Facebook.



  1. I used to do 12 hour train trips from Melbourne to Adelaide (and back) on ‘the overland’. Can I tell you, there’s far worse things in life than smelly feet. Like: the dude he groped me while I was asleep. Or the guy who sprayed me with beer (half an hour into the 12 hour trip).


    1. Wha….
      My mouth is scraping the floor now.
      The guy that groped you – did you punch him?
      And the guy with the beer – did you bound and gag him up with duct tape? :p


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