Okay, posting old drafts.
The “patient patient” finally got the thorough cleaning it needed (this is before I went away) and I did promise to write a little up of this machine. It’s not going to be much, sorry. :(
More pictures and a write up on Model P’s here: Please Pose P’s

I didn’t really get to fix it completely but I did give it a good clean.


I really did try to smoothen the flat spot using Scott’s method of hot water and rolling, but I think mine was to the point of no return… and I probably made it worse.
Anyway I did try the brake fluid and put it back together again and found out I was doing it all wrong, lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to find replacements for the feed rollers or just save up to send these ones refurbished.

It’s a bit worn on the edges but I love the color. I like to think the first owner was a complete rebel given the dullness of the 30’s (well it wasn’t dull, but the guys always seem to wear black or something dark. Actually, they still do) a spanking lime green typer would definitely turn heads.

I’m not quite sure what else to say right now for this Model P, so I’ll just leave this post with a nice picture of Blimey. :)



  1. Keylime sends her regards and greetings to your lovely machine! Good luck with the feed roller problem. I finally resorted to buying a beater with decent parts to cannibalize for other Royals.


    1. Ahhhh the beautiful Keylime!
      *Blimey does the old school bow with a cool hat*
      Thanks heaps for the luck, I need it. Old Royals aren’t common here, and it’ll just be silly to ship in another piece just to cannibalise it…
      So hopefully a decent smushed up one comes by soon. ;)


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