Typing up a plane



This lucky un’ got to ride shotgun while the other 9 sat with all the other luggage.


Yeah it was pretty comfortable on the flight.


a must have shot of the sun set that lasted for an hour. Or more.




It was also a nice surprise to find my old cat still alive. :)


  1. I just read this. It’s lovely!
    Not your usual thing to whip out on a plane in this age of pads, pods etc. Good for you!


  2. Yes, back since Sunday. I’m catching up with things including my geriatric cats. How old is yours? And HOW on earth did you get 70kgs luggage on a plane???


    1. Caught up on sleep yet? I haven’t. :(
      I think Paddington is 10 or so. I got him when he was pretty much grown up, and that was when I was still in school – I think it was 2003?

      Ah hahaha, I have muscular in laws and we paid for the extra luggage weight!


    1. Haha, you got that right. 10 machines made it to Singapore – and 9 were going to their rightful owners. They were “sold” before they left the country. Lol.

      That’s one thing I still haven’t brought myself to eat – fried oysters.
      I really do want some bubble tea right now. :(


      1. mmm, bubble tea. haven’t had that since I was last in Frisco. I’m not sure I’d trust airline “throwers” with typewriters, but I assume your machines made the trip safely?

      2. They are especially delicious when it’s $1.50. ;)
        Yes. I packed them very very well, and they all survived the trip very well. No casualties at all :)

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