Coraline Looper

Finally got around doing some work on typewriters, and caught up to date with blogging.
The weather has been rather unforgiving, and I’m not quite sure this is a good time to fix and clean machines. Mmmmm.

Anyway, three typewriters has found its way to my place over the last week, and boy are they a mess… Another three of my machines are needing fixes and cleans – which hopefully finish up sooner then later, then I can blog about them :)

Wait, a nice package!
Wonder what’s in it….




It really is a beautiful machine.
She’s very clean and only needs a little bit of help for an alignment problem. (New problem.)
The type feel is even. There is no need for too much pressure to type, and the print is thin and delicate.
Dear Typosphere: Does anyone know the proper name for this font style?
It’ll be better then calling it the “loopy script” in any case.

A lot pinker then I thought she would be, and almost like a vermilion pink, but somewhat still a coral pink…
Ergo, the name Coraline!
(Also, a very cool movie. I might have to get a copy and watch it someday soon again.)


Bonus Prize: a beautifully written letter in a DIY envelope, ribbons, MARS postcard and oooh, tea!
I shall have some now.
(Dearest friend I owe you all the thanks in the world, and I know I’m over killing it with all the thankees but I shall try to fit as many as I can into the next correspondence :p)

Hope your year is getting good for typers – my poor shelf is full, again!


    1. Awww thanks!
      Ah, the one I really don’t like is the half stripped lettera 32 sitting behind my couch. The 22 is something I prefer, it’s a lot prettier then the L32.
      I think it was notagain that gave Adwoa that piece. ;)


      1. Coraline sends many thanks for the compliment ;)
        Oh, OH! Thank you so much Munk!
        Underwood eh?
        Come to think of it, I’ve never seen an Underwood script machine before.

  1. Yep, it’s Underwood Vertical Script, I’ve personally seen that font on one old 1950’s Underwood Champion at MTE, and Peter over at Manual Entry has an SCM Galaxy with that script. Seems like a pretty rare typeface.

    Nice match for a pretty coral Lettera! (:


    1. Cool cool cool!
      Oh wow!!! An old 1950’s Underwood Champion eh? There was a SC Super Silent 5 Series (I think) on eBay before mine popped up with this typeface.

      Hee hee, I think so too! :D
      And it’s odd that it’s in a Olivetti… Don’t you think?


  2. Oh, you have triggered serious jealousy! I hope you enjoy your rare typeface. The novelty that arrived at my house today is a Corona Silent equipped with an apothecary keyboard :D


    1. Yes I’m enjoying the rare typeface very much! :D
      I’ll be doing a letter run with this machine as soon as I fix the alignment up… After I clean and fix a few machines that is currently on the work floor. :p

      Can’t wait to see the next blog post about it Dwayne!


  3. Oh, how spectacular! I know someone who has been looking to buy one of these “loopy scripts” and pay very well for it too – perhaps you have already heard from her? If not, let me know and I’ll put her in touch with you. That is, if you are looking to sell it :P I am hanging on to my SC since Peter so kindly gave it to me as a gift!


    1. Awww thank you!

      I’m not letting go of Coraline anytime soon, but I think I do know who you’re referring to…
      You’re heaps lucky that Peter have you yours, mine came at a great price! :p


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