Tea-drunk speak





  1. I’ve been biased towards metal bodied machines from the beginning, but the plastic Tippa 1 is becoming one of my faves. I recently passed up quite a few machines, even one with a coveted colour/model that was an amazing deal. Yes I’m still thinking about it, but overall I’m not too regretful. Afterall, we all have more than enough machines we should put to more regular use, eh? :)


    1. Oh my goodness wow!
      Well, a couple just came up on my radar and I’m already torn. :(
      Hahaha, so very true. :)
      I’m doing a letter run again soon (even though I just sent out the last lot, heee) so some of them will be in good use :)


  2. Try to resist! If you can’t then set a budget you can live with before bidding and don’t exceed it even in the heat of sniping. I like snail mail, but I often run out of things to say that aren’t trite or just plain boring. What do you write about?!? When I was trading mini pieces of art, there wasn’t a need to say much, the little cards were enough :)


    1. I am! But I always seem to find really good deals… and it’s just getting a little bit ridiculous hahaha :)

      Oh, I write lots of.. uh… rubbish usually. Like I was able to write a really long letter to my parents about the house and cut power. How, I don’t know.

      Yes! Totally understand – and it was nice to do too, some variety to poke my brain ;)
      I might be doing more postcards soon!


  3. Good luck finding self restraint. I am more selective than I used to be, but that mostly means less bad. This evening I passed on a near mint and perfectly functional Corana Standard (flat black, rounded top) at an antique mall that cost less than $30. It didn’t fit the exotic typewriter and typeface theme I try to stick to. Of course the week started with a delivery of a Corona flattop with apothecary keys. That was from ebay.


    1. Thanks Dwayne!
      I thought I was getting more selective, but I’ve managed to land myself maybe five other portables for my collection D:

      Yeah… I think I’ve got a pretty “exotic” typewriter and “typeface” thing happening too. I’m just short of a Selectric, ha ha!

      Ohhh can’t wait to see the flattop on your blog! It sounds beautiful. :D


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